You may or may not have noticed that I cannot be found on social media; I dislike social media. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to connect with people in person -- over a nice cup of tea, over the phone, while hiking or sitting on a beach for a girlfriend get-away. Technology and electronics rule the daylight hours; I choose to not let it impact my evening hours too. I do not want to feel obligated to post to stay present. I do not want to have to ask my clients for referrals so they can tell you how great I am on review boards. I don't want to be judged and compared to the person whose listing falls above or below mine. Therefore, I advertise by word of mouth. Or, you stumbled across my website because it was meant to be.

My time is sacred. My space is sacred. My clients are sacred. I don't have a huge list of clients that are pounding down my door with a long wait list. Instead, I choose to honor the cycles of life, the power of intuition, and the mystery that ties it all together. I honor the vulnerability of the client who takes a risk because it feels right, even if the client doesn't understand why. Clients who seek me out are not mere clients, they are souls that need what I have to offer, to help them on their journey. We are in each other's lives for a reason and a season. By exploring my website and understanding what I stand for, you will come to know me. You will know if we are a fit and if what I have to offer is what you need. I do not hold the power; I act as a container and a guide to facilitate that which is ready to come to the surface. You are the author of your own story. Only you can know if I may be of service. But to facilitate that knowing, please feel free to call me and let's have a fifteen minute discussion (no charge) so that you can know if meeting with me is how you would like to spend your precious time.

And for those who rely less on their intuition and more on facts, I have included some of my credentials below:

  • Master's in Counseling Psychology – I was a mental health therapist for a year in community mental health
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate – from the Samarya Center
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate – from Guru Gayatri / 3HO
  • Completed 90% of the curricula for Integrated Movement Therapy / Yoga Therapy – from the Samarya Center
  • Completed 2-year Witch School with the Cunning Crow
  • Attended the 2-week Michael Harner Shamanic Studies Intensive with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies
  • Attended four Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes 5-day intensive trainings
  • Original Voice – Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Stages of Hell
  • Wounded Healer
  • Original Voice – Dark Night of the Soul
  • Art as a Sacred Act
  • Completed hundreds of hours of training & curricula with The Himalayan Institute
  • Attended the 1-month residential spirituality program (twice)
  • Attended a service trip to Cameroon West Africa
  • Attended 3-week meditation intensive in Khajuraho India
  • Completed hundreds of hours of training & curricula with 3HO
  • Attended three 9-day Summer Solstice programs
  • Attended three Women’s Camp programs
  • Completed over one hundred hours of study in plant medicine
  • Breitenbush Herbal Conference (twice)
  • Northwest Herb Symposium (twice)
  • The Green Gathering
  • Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference (attending in September)
  • 5 belts in Tae Kwon Do
  • 6 Sigma Deployment Champion Certificate
  • Audited the 6 Sigma Black Belt course
  • Audited the Master Black Belt course
  • Won the “Best Process Improvement Project” (against 51 competitors) – judged by a Fortune 500 company
  • Ben Graham Process Improvement training
  • Attended a 3-day Salsa Dancing intensive
  • …and many more weekend intensives / workshops / trainings …