My Birthday

May 2019
I love birthdays! I love the idea of celebrating. In fact, I don't believe we celebrate enough...enough of anything. We have become so serious, myself included, that we forget what it means to go out and play. I love the kid-like feeling and innocence that comes in the days and weeks leading up to my birthday. I love thinking about all the ways that I want to pamper myself. I love the idea of turning older and honoring the experience and wisdom that I gained from the past year. I love the anticipation and contemplation of what the next year will bring. I love the ever-growing collection of grey hairs, which I incidentally call my "wisdom hairs." I recently did an exercise that involved staring into the mirror and reflecting on what I saw. I was amazed that the baby-face I had carried for so long was now gone. It made me realize that I hadn't actually been carded at a restaurant for the past several years. Time flies and without events or memories to go with them, one doesn't notice the little things. My birthday is a few days away and I want to take this moment and smile at who I was, who I have become, and who I will evolve into. Here's to honoring the events, people, and beliefs that shape our lives! Happy Birthday!

Overcoming a Hurdle

August 2018
In January 2016 I set out to build my business website with the intention of proclaiming who I am and what I have to offer. I presumed I could do it alone. I struggled and swore and remained persistent, yet created nothing. And then a car accident happened that derailed me and my website sat abandoned. It acted as a ghost, haunting me, taunting me. And then through a series of fortunate events, I had the opportunity to work with my nephew who was studying in school how to build websites. It has been an awesome experience trying to convey to another, what I visualize in my head. Even better, I have had to articulate to the world, what I feel in my heart and know to be true. I have come to learn that the website and what people see / how they experience me as the first impression, is only the beginning. The real hurdle has been sitting with myself and Spirit, and coming to terms with what it is that I have to offer, and then making it a reality. Sure the layout, design, and colors are important. But the time spent discussing how to convey a feeling, a sensing, a knowing…that’s where it’s at! Thank you Mason for joining me on this journey and making it a reality. For without you, I would still be haunted by the ghost…

Yes – A Book

August 2018
In August 2009 I went on a date with a man. During this first date I told him that I wanted to write a book; he laughed. The words that followed were, “Is your life really that interesting that you would have something worth writing about?” I said “Yes!” After many years, I burned in a ceremonial bonfire the content of what would have been the book that I originally thought I was to write. What has awakened instead is a book so rich, so honest, so transparent, that it calls to me. The first chapter has been written. Here’s to many more…