Life Transitions
Life Transitions (Death Discovery) is the journey into and the celebration of cycles. It is about exploring our fears and learning to let go of that which no longer serves. It is about inviting these transitions (death) so that we can be reborn, consciously.

Celebrant & Death Midwife

We live in a society that doesn't want to face our mortality. In trying to avoid the natural cycles to life, we tend to cling to an idea, belief, object or person long after the fire has gone out. What we are left with is the pain and suffering of acting as if and failing to move forward, avoiding that which is ready to surface. Through consultation, ceremony and whatever The Universe has in store, I can help guide you through the death /rebirth process with grace.

Lightening Your Load / Organizing Your Life

Being human tends to cause us to accumulate stuff. And this “stuff” has a physical and energetic component. Maybe you purchased the stuff, or it was given to you and you never wanted it or asked for it and now you feel stuck with it. Or maybe you inherited it. But it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it. Through ceremony and the actual act of going through “stuff,” I can help you let go of that which no longer serves, so that you can move through time and space feeling lighter and less burdened.

Friend / Support for Hire

There are times in our lives when we need someone who listens non-judgmentally and holds space for us as we work through our challenges. And sometimes we need someone to accompany us to uncomfortable and awkward, sometimes hostile, events. Sometimes we just need to know that we are supported. I am here for you. May it be over the phone or in person, you have a friend.