Professional Consulting
At first glance, some may say that Professional Consulting does not seem to fit in the genre of Towering Fir’s Spiritual Exploration and Death Discovery; I beg to differ. Just like how a person has a body, mind, and soul, so does an organization. The Professional Consulting aspect of Towering Fir is the same philosophy applied, but to a larger organism that too is a living, breathing entity. Without direction, moderation, periodic cleansing, reflection, and fine tuning, even an organization can wither or die. And in some cases, there may be policies or procedures that need to die in order to make room for that which is where a company can excel. At Towering Fir, we honor the individual as well as the system.

Process Improvement

In today’s competitive environment, it is becoming even more critical to reduce expenses, reduce errors, reduce waste, reduce time, increase profitability and increase efficiency. Using the 6 Sigma framework, I can evaluate current processes and make recommendations for improvements, while ensuring the support of the employees performing the tasks. Based on management approval, I work with the employee to implement the recommended solutions, monitor for effectiveness, and then ensure a complete handoff with appropriate supporting documentation.

Strategic Planning / Goal Setting

I have learned that there are no wrong or right decisions, only consequences. And the consequences of not having a direction or goals to strive towards leaves an organization in limbo and the feeling of treading water. Without direction, how does one lead? Better yet, what do the employees follow? Through interactive meetings and with the help of the SMART goal technique, I can help you create short and long term goals that your organization can get behind, ultimately moving everyone forward.

Data Analysis

Most people are intimidated by numbers, reports and data. They become even more intimidated when the data comes from multiple sources or they don’t understand what it means. Using my background in Data Analysis, I can help your organization evaluate the data that is available, create reports, summarize for the executive team what the data means, and then help develop a strategy of where to go from here based on the desired outcome.


People like to be told what parameters to work within. Therefore, budgets give employees a framework that help employees when making decisions. Budgets also help keep an organization contained so that other goals can be achieved. Through an extensive review of revenue and expenses, I can help you create a budget to predict the reality of short and long term viability.

Procedure / Policy Documentation

One of the largest risks to an organization is when an employee leaves, for they take with them the knowledge of the tasks they were working on; but more importantly, they take with them the knowledge of how to perform the task. Through an in-depth interview with employees, I can create step-by-step instructions of how to perform critical tasks. In addition, I can help create new policies and procedures as well as create training materials in order to ensure that the critical information is disseminated and then stored for future reference.