Spiritual Exploration
I strive to create an atmosphere where you feel free to give yourself permission to explore all aspects of you…a place where you embrace the unseen, the unknown, the stuffed away and the covered ups. Spiritual exploration is about curiosity, following your instincts, and living your truth - not the truths you have been told, but the truths that you have crossed rivers and climbed mountains to obtain. And if your path isn't so clear, I will walk with you as you begin your journey to find the YOU that has been hidden away or forgotten.

Cord Cutting

Through the interactions of everyday life, we pick up detritus. And with the major events that take our breath away, we can be left feeling confused, attached, angry, controlled, restricted and bound. Cord Cutting is the technique of energetically taking back that which belongs to you and removing that which had its hooks in you…with the ultimate goal of you leaving feeling more YOU, empowered, and unattached.

Body Readings

Life has a way of making its mark on us, for we carry our stories in our bones. Based on how you carry yourself, walk, stand, and move through space, I am able to interpret where there may be blockage that is holding you back from freely achieving your goals for these stories can be interpreted if we allow them to be witnessed.

Elemental Balancing

Our physical and energetic bodies are influenced by the Elements. Sometimes one element is more dominant than another, leaving us feeling imbalanced. Through a rebalancing technique, and through the grace of the Elements, I work with the Spirits to restore you to harmony.